Spring 2019 LACROSSE

Fall 2018 Flyer Coming Soon!

Lacrosse is a year round sport and our program is open to girls and boys, grades K-8th and runs for 10 weeks in the Spring.  During the Spring season we will offer practice to build on skills, scrimmages and games. We offer 2 programs based on a player's school grade and age (read more below), but NO EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED AT ANY LEVEL.  As a result of grants from US Lacrosse and donations from friends, we are able to loan equipment to our players.  Our home field is Berry Lane Park, a beautiful brand new turf lacrosse field in Bergen Lafayette.  (if you're looking for more information about us, check About section)


Must be completed online following this 2 step process. CONTACT JERSEYCITYLAX@GMAIL.COM WITH ANY QUESTIONS

  1. Register for or renew US Lacrosse Membership, $30 annual membership and medical insurance coverage (link and more information below)
  2. Register with Jersey City Lacrosse via a tool we use called Sports Illustrated Play (link and more information below)
    • Early registration discount ($30 off on/before November 2, 2018)
    • Multi-registration discount ($25 off each additional child)
    • Scholarships

Full schedule information available on SI Play after registering.  

  • Boys:   
    • Practices on Thursday 6:30pm-8:00pm (UPDATED!!! for 2019)
    • Practice and Scrimmages Sunday 4:30pm - 6pm
  • Girls:
    • Practices on Wednesdays 6:30pm-8:00pm (UPDATED!!! for 2019)
    • Practice and Scrimmage on Sunday 3:00pm - 4:30pm
  • Little Laxers:  
    • Practices on Sundays 1:30pm-2:30pm  



Our travel program is open to Girls and Boys grades 3rd-8th, and we have 6 teams.  Our boys teams play a full competitive travel schedule in the North Jersey Youth Lacrosse League against teams in Hudson and Bergen county. Our girls play in the Jersey Girls Lacrosse Association league and are expanding.  We organize carpools to away games and when available we take Dept. of Recreation vans.

$30 + $30 US Lacrosse Membership


This introductory program is open to girls and boys grades K-2nd. The Little Laxers practice on Sunday afternoons and use soft foam balls to develop the following skills: hand-eye coordination, proper grip of stick, cradling, scooping, catching, and throwing. A parent is required to be at the field and we encourage their participation! Each Little Laxer receives (to keep) a practice shirt.  Older or more experienced 2nd graders are encourage to join our travel teams and play up.

$30 + $30 US Lacrosse Membership

100% of our registration fee goes to pay for equipment, supplies, practice and game uniforms, referees and tournament fees.  Our organization is a non-profit and is made up entirely of unpaid volunteers.   REGISTRATION FOR EACH PLAYER MUST BE COMPLETED ONLINE via our tool with Sports Illustrated Play to ensure we have complete information for each player and their guardians. Credit card, check and money order are accepted forms of payment. Please register each adult who will need to be contacted for organizational events, practice changes, games times etc.  YOU MUST COMPLETE CHECKOUT TO COMPLETE REGISTRATION. After registering please take the time to enable text message alerts and also download the Sports Illustrated Play App for iOS or Android.  To enable text messaging, go to the Home screen on Sports Illustrated Play Website and look for "Get Text Messages" and "Enable Text Messaging. 


A current US Lacrosse Membership (Insurance coverage and other benefits) is required for each player and their membership numberis3required when registering for our program. In instances where a child may be injured playing lacrosse, US Lacrosse medical coverage makes a huge difference. Please obtain or renew your membership BEFORE registering with us - is it must be valid through June 15, 2018. Learn more about how US Lacrosse supports our players and organization.   Note that each player's US Lacrosse membership must be renewed each year and your child's name and birthday must match in our system when registering. US Lacrosse partners with RPS Bollinger to provide Excess Accident Medical and General Liability Insurance to our players. Learn more about how US Lacrosse supports our players and organization.  

Visit our Equipment page for information about required equipment for different teams and borrowing equipment. Equipment Loans are FREE but require a deposit- the deposit will be collected when equipment is distributed and returned when equipment is returned (end of season) and in the form it was received.  Unfortunately the deposit has become a necessary step - as equipment lent out is not returned.   We do not loan out certain pieces of required equipment including, cleats, mouth-guards, cups and athletic attire.

No player will ever be turned away for financial reasons, view our Scholarships page for more information.

By registering with Jersey City Lacrosse, players and parents agree to abide by our Code of Conduct.

More about Jersey City Lacrosse organization and mission